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GLOBAL – We’re always eager to find out what makes you – our readers – tick. So, in February we asked you to participate in the 2011 reader survey to find out about your age, what other sites you log onto and what you’d like to see here on Conversations. We’ve sifted through the results and it’s now time to look at the results.

The words who are you, sung by The Who, don’t only make for a great song lyric, but they are the very reason we asked you to participate in our reader survey. We really want to know more about you, our readers. So to do that, we asked a variety of questions, ranging from your age to your opinions on the length of the articles we write. We did this to try to learn more about you and from that we hope to be able to bring you more relevant news. Splitting the results into two sections, we’re first going to go through who you are, followed by another post which will explain what you think about Nokia Conversations.

One of our first questions was to determine your gender, and it’s no real surprise that most of you are male, 95 per cent to be precise. This is typical of technology sites, unfortunately – we’ve worked on a few – but let’s hope for more balance in the future.

More than 46 per cent of you are aged between 20 and 30 years of age, with more of you in the low to mid 20s. Work-wise, 30 per cent are students followed very closely by people in the technology industry. In last year’s results we found that students were our second biggest readers and technology people were first. So what’s changed? We’re not sure. However, apart from these top two categories, the rest were evenly mixed and in the single figure percentage range.

Knowing what you do for work is one thing, but knowing what your hobbies are really tell us more about you. Surfing the Net seems to take up most of your time – with 12 per cent – then listening to music and photography coming in second and third respectively.

The other 17 options we offered are evenly spread which means you guys are into anything and everything, at least in some small degree.

So, what mobile device do you, our readers, currently own? It turns out that most of you own the Nokia N8, hotly followed by the Nokia N900. This clearly shows that you’re into the high-end devices and want a feature-rich phone. We’ve used Wordle to gather these results to make it easier to see at a glance. The larger the result, the larger your vote.

Our results also show that 49 per cent of you have owned five or more Nokia devices in your lifetime – which is comparable to the previous year’s survey – which is a lot when you consider most of our readers are in their early to mid 20s.

An overwhelming amount agree that they are the person that people go to when their friends are choosing a new phone, or at least you’re seen as somebody in-the-know when it comes to mobiles. A whopping 93 per cent said they were asked for some advice when friends and family are considering a new device.

We know you all enjoy a good read here on Nokia Conversations, but why do you visit our site and where else do you go? A quarter of you log on here to keep up with company news, and another quarter are just general technology fans looking for a mobile-tech-fix. When you’re not here, many of you are reading articles at Engadget, with AllAboutSymbian and GSMarena following closely on its tail. My Nokia Blog is also a favourite.

As promised when we first announced this survey, there are five Nokia Bicycle Charger Kits to be won for five random people who participated. We’ll go through the winners and announce them later, along with some more details on what you like – or dislike – about the site. Stay tuned.