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GLOBAL – For those of you who took part in our 2011 reader survey and decided to enter your personal details, it’s now time to find out if you’ve won one of five Nokia Bicycle Charger Kits. Plus the second part of the results are in. Find out what people think of The Official Nokia Blog, and what they’d like us to do more of, after the jump.

In the first part of our 2011 reader survey results we looked at you. Or more importantly; your age, gender, what phone you currently own and your other website browsing habits. Now it’s time to look at the other half, where we asked if you were happy with the amount of articles we post on a day-to-day basis or even if you think they’re too long.

We usually provide at least two pieces of Nokia news for you to read during any workday, but is this enough or do you want more? It seems that 35 per cent of you would like more posts from us, whereas 30 per cent have no opinion and feel that two posts is just right. It certainly looks like there shouldn’t be any less.

When it comes to our tone of voice, 52 per cent believe we get it right, which means you feel that we write in a way that’s appropriate and easy to understand and 49 per cent agree that the content of our stories is relevant.

Whatever the story, we love it when you guys engage with us, a way that you do that is through the comments section on each article. Not surprisingly nearly 50 per cent enjoy reading the comments as much as we do and take some extra time after each story to see what other readers are saying or thinking here on Conversations.

We’re delighted to hear that 53 per cent agree that the information we publish here is credible with a further 28 per cent agreeing strongly. Let’s face it: it should be – our news stories come right from Nokia itself, so we’re glad you feel we’re passing on the right information.

We try to keep to the point when writing stories and provide all the facts we can, as we understand that reading really long pieces of news can be boring, particularly if you have to search for the relevant bits of information. When we asked if our posts are too long, 48 per cent of you disagreed. So do this suggest the length of our posts are just right? Or would you like longer posts? We’re thinking maybe we could put extra details on a second page for things like product releases, so people can choose whether or not they want to pore over every available stat.

In regards to the look and feel of our site, most of you agree that we’ve got it right, storming ahead with 55 per cent. No opinion landed in second place with 18 per cent.

At the end of the survey, we asked the very open ended question on what extra features you would like to see on our site and any other comments, which lead to quite a number of suggestions that have given us plenty of food for thought. We’ll see what we can do. Here’s a selection of those comments:

  • Live chat with Nokia experts/product managers/designers.
  • Software wishlists.
  • Tutorial videos for devices.
  • A Nokia Conversations app.
  • More polls. Such as “What did you like/dislike the most in the Nokia XXX?”
  • Device reviews, by customer.
  • More pictures in all stories.
  • More competitions.
  • Comparison between Nokia devices and competitors.
  • Better filtering option to only see what’s relevant to the reader.
  • Email notification for news and posts.
  • Changelogs to be displayed once software updates are released.
  • More videos.
  • New font and branding applied to the site.
  • More exclusive stories.

Now, for those who gave their contact details in the survey, we’ve chosen randomly five people who will win a Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit. Drum roll please…

  • Mr Tejas Dhamankar
  • Mr Shane Cassidy
  • Mr Vincent Kok
  • Master Shintu Dhang
  • Mr Toni Rinnemaa

We will send these out to you shortly.

What do you make of these results, and do you agree with them? As always, we look forward to reading your comments, particularly if it helps us make this a better place for you.