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Aimed at the next billion and music lovers, the Nokia X1-01 is on target to become one of Nokia’s cheapest phones to date selling for less than €35. So what does this inexpensive, colourful phone offer?

Taking a look at the top of the phone will show the much-loved torch is making a comeback, turn to the back and you’ll see a giant speaker capable of producing massive volume at a level of 106phon, perfect for sharing tunes amongst a crowd or a family with up to 38 hours of music playback where sometimes a phone may be the only source of music.

Running Series 30 at its core, the Nokia X1-01 isn’t designed to be a smartphone but instead it’s designed to be an affordable, long lasting phone with a staggering 61 days standby where access to electricity is limited or non-existent. Ideal if you live in a remote town or spend lots of time travelling from one place to another in emerging markets.

Most people are happy with one phonebook, aren’t we? Why would we want five? With five phonebooks, the Nokia X1-00 allows the phone to be shared amongst a family of people in the poorest parts of the world where money is tight, where even €35 might be considered expensive so this phone essentially becomes a phone to five people, each with their own individual contact list.

What they say

Looks like its going to be an excellent phone and Congrats to Nokia for strategically placing it in the right segment, it will sell boatloads here in India.


If you do only one thing

Turn your X1-00 into a family entertainment system. Load up a 16GB microSD card with songs, plug in an external speaker into the 3.5mm AV connector and enjoy hours of music.


The Nokia X1-00 supports 16GB microSD cards for thousands of songs, plus it’s hot swappable for easy access. A phon is a unit of perceived loudness, where 1 phon is equal to 1 dBSPL at a frequency of 1 kHz. You may not think that having a torch on your phone is that useful, but it’s used more than you may think. A torch app topped the Ovi Store download chart back in November 2010 as the most download app, worldwide.