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The IdeasProject is always looking the next big thing. Relaunched recently at SXSW in Austin, Texas, the IdeasProject is a community for creative thinkers. One part of that is that technology enthusiasts (consumers, developers, anyone with an idea, really) can submit application ideas for mobile platforms. Simply put, we’re looking for the spark of an idea that will be an “App That Changes The World”.

To help focus the application idea generation, Nokia has taken a step to help solve an issue that every mobile owner can relate to: the constant need for power. That is, the need to help squeeze every last ounce of juice out of our phones’ batteries. You know that sound, that nagging sound of your phone starving to be plugged in, right at the worst possible moment – we’re out to solve power issues.

Nokia Power Challenge is looking for new ways to extend a mobile phone’s battery life. The project challenges you to submit ideas to solve this problem in a profound new way.

Here’s How The Challenge Works

Nokia is sponsoring the “Power Drain Challenge” from May 13th 2011 to August 1st, 2011, the best three ideas will be decided upon by a panel of Nokia Accessory experts. Even if you only have an idea for an solution and no actual code or schematics, submit your idea via the Nokia Drain Challenge site. Prizes will be awarded to the top three ideas.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with to start your creative juices flowing:

  • Wind-up charger
  • Kinetic generator for easy charging while you run.
  • Small piston for your shoe that generates a small charge while you walk.

Head on over to the IdeasProject site and start submitting!  All submissions need to be received by August 1st, 2011 to be considered.  Good luck and give us your ideas!

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