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GLOBAL – We’re as excited as you are about the new Nokia N9. It doesn’t just look great, but there’s lots of interesting things going on under-the-hood. We’re lucky enough to have in our possession a Nokia N9 prototype, and Ian’s been playing around with it like a kid and his toys on Christmas morning. We’re asking you, what would you like to see in action? We’ll take some screenshots to show you.

We’ve already covered the imaging, and the design of the Nokia N9, but what else should we look at? There’s lots happening inside the phone that we can show you.

Are you interested in seeing the dialling screen? Or do you want to know what the screen looks like when you send a text message? These are the things we do almost every day, so if you’re looking to invest in a new phone, it’s important to know how these things work.

Maybe you’re more interested in seeing how the phone the phone sends a photo from one phone to another, using NFC. Although this might be tricky to demonstrate as we only have the one Nokia N9, but I’m sure the stages leading up to the transfer can be shown.

I’d quite like to know how the phone handles the calendar, and the inputting of meetings and birthdays, stuff like that. I use my phone’s calendar all the time and a decent calendar on a phone is an absolute must for me. And, I just love having people’s faces in their contact card – it makes it even more personal. So how would this work? I’m hoping Ian can show us.

If you’d like to see some screenshots of anything on the Nokia N9, leave us some ideas in the comments box below.

Featured Image: tsuihin – TimoStudios