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June 30, 2011

Nokia N9 screenshot gallery 1/2

GLOBAL – About a week ago, we asked you what you’d like to see in terms of apps, features or settings that we could demonstrate via a screenshot or two. We’re lucky enough to have a prototype Nokia N9 and we’ve perused through your screenshot requests to bring you this: the Nokia N9 apps screenshot gallery.

With over 200 comments, our what would you like to see? article created a bit of a buzz. Some of you wanted to see how sending an SMS would work, what Nokia Maps looked like, and what the calendar looks like.

Remember, this is a prototype, so things may change when the Nokia N9 is actually released.

So without further ado, here are some shots of some of the apps available on the Nokia N9.

Nokia Maps

When you load up Nokia Maps, you’re confronted with your current location. Using the tabs at the bottom, you can search for another location, see what interesting things or public transport links may be nearby and get directions to another location. You’ve also got the option to manage your maps and add more if you wish, right through the Nokia Maps app. As you’ll recall, there’s a separate app for car navigation – called Drive.


When entering a calendar entry, the entry system is simple to use. You can see from the images below, you start with the calendar view, find your date and hit the + symbol to add something into that date. Working your way down the options, you add your subject, time and the duration of that meeting. Once you hit the location option, you’ll able to press the Nokia Maps pin which’ll open Nokia Maps almost instantly where you can find your location, ultimately attaching it to your calendar entry.

Contacts and calling

Here’s a view of the contacts list showing how names are listed (with and without contact images), with more details on what can be added to each contact and the different options are open to you in each contact, such as adding to groups etc. We’ve also included a screen of what you can expect to see when you receive a phone call when your phone is sitting there, idle.


Typing a text message is possible in either portrait or landscape mode, with the option to add emoticons, if you’re so inclined to add one 😀

Apps menu

Not much to explain here, but here’s a screenshot of what the apps menu looks like on the Nokia N9. Note that the games and apps on the bottom of the second screen (after YouTube) aren’t part of the sales package as far as we’re aware.


Here we’ve got a selection of screenshots. One shows the notifications screen which is where your social network feeds update, along with your text messages and emails show themselves. For the separate Facebook and Twitter app, we’ve got screenshots of those too, along with the account settings page. Also below we’ve got an image of what the gallery looks like, as well as the music app and of course, Angry Birds.

We’ve got another post coming which will show various settings from within the Nokia N9, so stay tuned.