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GLOBALOn Thursday, we collected a bunch of screenshots from various apps from within the new Nokia N9. Nokia Maps, the calendar, the calling screen, the SMS screen and more are all on show. Today, we’ve got more images for you – showing some of the other screens with the likes of the incoming calling screen, the quick launch bar and the settings screen. Take a look.

In today’s gallery, we’ve got a selection of screenshots from the Nokia N9 that don’t necessarily fall into the apps category – like Thursday – and are mostly settings screens. We’ve got a couple of images that don’t fall into either settings or apps, but they’re here anyway. They’re less glamorous, but hopefully answer some more of your questions about how it works.

When setting up any Nokia phone, it’s always a good idea to activate your Nokia account, which will bring you the possibility to download your contacts from Ovi and also create scheduled backups.

Within the messaging menu, you’re first asked what it is that you want to do. Send an SMS or start a chat with Facebook, Skype or Google, for example. Here’s that splash screen.

From the text input settings screen, you can see some of the options at hand, like error correction and the insert with space key function.

When you’re phone is sitting idle, the screensaver is likely to be on. If you’re to receive a call or an email, you can see there are some icons on the screen to let you know – that’s a missed call and an incoming email shown. As well as the clock, of course.

At any point from within the phone’s system, you can bring up the quick launch tab by swiping the screen upwards slightly. From here you can make a phone call, send a text message, browse the Web or access the camera.

The next couple of images show the main settings screen, which is where you can set up everything on the Nokia N9.

As with all Nokia phones, there’s a battery indicator and the signal bars are on display on the top of the screen. When this area is pressed on the Nokia N9, you can change your profile, adjust the volume, see your Internet connection and other accounts you’re connected to. We’ve also got a screenshot of the calculator.

Our last set of screenshots show the device settings and the security settings, too.

What have you thought of all our screenshots? We hope they’ve given you an insight into what to expect from the Nokia N9. As always, let us know your thoughts about these images using the comments section, below.