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GLOBAL – It’s been five weeks since we asked you to vote for your three favourite apps for our Appstravaganza project. We’ve had an amazing response and have gone through all the responses to find the special apps you claim to be your favourite ten. Find out how stage one of Appstravaganza has concluded, after the jump.

As part of our app submission widget – that was sitting on our homepage, until this week – you were asked to submit your three favourite apps, along with where in the world you are. Just in case some apps aren’t available to us here in the UK, we know where to get hold of these apps if needed.

The purpose of this project is to understand what makes a great app and to celebrate apps created by third-party developers. This means we’ve omitted all the Nokia-created apps from the results, of which there were many. Ovi/Nokia Maps received the most votes, by-the-way. Bubbles, Sleeping Screen and Nokia Reader also scored highly, despite their beta status – so great work, betalabs, but sorry this isn’t where we’re going to be focusing on you.

After rounding up all these results, we fed them through Wordle which then gives us a word cloud. The larger the word, the more votes it got from you.

Let’s look at the top ten votes. In first place, receiving the most number of votes of third party apps, is Angry Birds. Over 100 of you voted for this game, proving that flinging a bird from a catapult is the most preferred way to pass away the time. To be honest, it’s my favourite game at the moment, too.

Opera made it into the top ten a few times, in different forms. We thought about adding them all up into one bunch, but thought that would be unfair as there are a few different versions. Opera Mobile made it to second place with 80 votes, Opera Mini is third with 66 votes and Opera (who knows which) made ninth place with 39 votes.

Gravity takes fourth place with 66 votes with Sports Tracker just one vote behind. WhatsApp receives 52 votes, bringing it to sixth place and Skype and Nimbuzz come in seventh and eighth place respectively. The WiFi hot-spot app JoikuSpot comes in tenth place.

Although we’ve gone through the top ten, the graph below shows the top 15 apps, as chosen by you. There’s a massive ‘long tail‘ on this graph, by the way, that’s been removed for the sake of clarity: it’s very clear that there is no “top ten” that suits everyone.

It’s interesting to see that there’s a lot of social apps up there in the top ten. Phones are still primarily being used for their main purpose. To keep people in contact with other people. Times have changed a bit, but people are still using these devices to keep-in-touch with the world.

Next on the agenda, comes stage two in our Appstravaganza project. Stay tuned for more details.