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GLOBAL – We’ve all heard that guy who just can’t seem to keep his conversation to a low volume, and we’re all aware of those kids that listen to their music through the loudspeaker at the back of the bus. But what annoys us the most? We ran a poll to find out exactly that. We’ve counted up the results, so read on to find out what annoys our readers the most.

We had a fair amount of response to this poll, which I think means that mobile etiquette is something that interests us all.

The number one bugbear of people’s mobile habits is when people play music, games or movies in public, blasting the sounds for all to hear. This scored just over 21 per cent. So remember, if you’re one of these people who do this, please be considerate and plug in a headset. We really don’t mind you doing these things, but keep it to yourself.

Next up on the most annoying list is people that seem to yell a conversation rather than simply speak it. Obviously, if you’re in a noisy place then a raised voice is needed to be heard. Or maybe you could go outside? If you’re not, keep the volume down a bit please. You’ll be annoying almost 21 per cent of our readers, otherwise.

Third – scoring just over 17 per cent – on your most annoying habits list are people that use their mobile phone in a cinema or when at the theatre. People have paid good money to sit there and they should be able to watch the film in peace, without being distracted by the glare of the homescreen from your phone. If the sign at the beginning of the movie tells you to turn off your phone – or at least not use it – then you should probably oblige.

Coming in fourth and with nearly 12 per cent is people who pull out their phone to text someone else, while you’re having a conversation with them. This may seem rude and like you’re not even interested in what the person has to say. So it’s not surprising people find this annoying.

There wasn’t an option that was left un-ticked in our poll, but there are many to go through. We’ve covered the big four winners above, as for the rest, you can see for yourselves in the image below.

In our Other answer option, a few people suggested that people driving and using their phone without using a handsfree annoyed them, while another person suggested that an annoying call waiting tone was a bad idea.

For those wanting to practice better mobile etiquette, here’s a video that talks you through nine steps to better mobile manners.

What do you make of the results? Are you surprised by the outcome? Let us know, below.

Image credit: cassiel.randomson