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GLOBAL – Next month is the National Cyber Security Awareness month. Just like the real world, the online world is full of nice people you meet and get along with. Just like the real world though, the online world is also contaminated with those wishing to do bad things to others. NCSAM works to highlight the latest illicit practices and help drive awareness amongst those who are most vulnerable.

The range and variety of illegal practices online is as broad as it is frightening. Just like the real world, online crime can also come across as being perfectly innocent, up until the point where the victim realizes they’re actually a victim.

One persistent issue online has been lottery scams. Whilst awareness of them has grown, the perpetrators continue to try new and interesting ways to con innocent folk out of their hard-earned money. The Nokia Lottery Scam has been going on and off for a few years now. And we’re not the only brand to be tarnished with this particularly hideous brush.

Back in 2006, Volkswagen issued an official statement on its website warning existing and potential customers of a lottery scam offering wads of cash and free cars. Dutch brewery Heineken had to offer similar advice to its customers. Fedex are another well-known, global brand which has created an excellent section on its website providing plenty of useful info to help protect its customers.

Scammers have even started to emulate sites set up to help people report online scams. reports on its website that users should be vigilant from illegitimate emails from offering, of all things, a money recovery scam.

We’ve written about the Nokia Lottery scam a number of times. Whilst the teams behind the scenes work hard to get it stopped, it’s much
harder than you might imagine. This work will continue, but meanwhile we’ll continue to help raise awareness and provide information for
those who need it. Meanwhile, we’d welcome your thoughts and comments on what else we should be doing to stop this. And of course, urge you to help spread the word. Nokia doesn’t do lotteries. Ever.

Check out the Stay Safe Online website for more info on staying safe online and also take a look at Action Fraud in the UK for more local information.

Image credit: DaveBleasdale.