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October 15, 2011

5 things you have to read about the Nokia 603

Yesterday we announced the Nokia 603, an affordable (€200) smartphone packing Symbian Belle and 6 colour combinations.

So now everyone has had a chance to sit down, find out about this new device, and write up their thoughts here are a few must-read posts:

1)      First off some of you are going to want a quick overview of the specs, for that I would recommend Rounak’s post which also features the official promo vid

2)      You may also want to check out CJ’s post – he has somehow managed to give out a decent set of specs and pictures while discussing a zombie apocalypse!?

3)      Meanwhile KA over at TechProlonged has focused on the devices differences from the 701, so for those of you looking for a comparison or struggling to pick between the two take a look!

4)      But for those wanting the full on tech specs then take a look at GSM arena, as always they are up there already

5)      Last but not least there is a lively conversation on Jay’s post on My Nokia Blog where he has embedded some hands on videos of the Nokia 603 – so if you want to see how the phone looks in the hand head on over!

Have I missed anything?

Feel free to let me know in the comments what posts you guys have found.