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As we all waited with baited breath, the new ‘Asha’ series of Nokia phones were announced this morning during the Nokia World 2011 opening address. We’ve already taken a magnifying glass to the 200 and 201 Asha phones, so now we are going to explore the final handsets that make up the family – the Nokia Asha 300 and 303.

To put it simply, the Nokia Asha 300 and 303 are the social networking maestros of the Asha Series. Both devices have a powerful 1GHz processor and 3G to deliver a faster Internet and social networking experience.

Nokia Asha 300

Nokia Asha 300

The Nokia Asha 300

Hardware and Features

The Asha 300 brings together ‘the best of both worlds’, as the phone comes complete with a 2.4-inch resistive touchscreen display as well as a traditional Nokia keypad. We reckon the keypad suits the alpha numeric method of typing as it does not have a QWERTY enabled keypad. The handset dimensions measure 112.8mm x 49.5mm x 12.7mm while the weight is 85 grams, roughly the same as holding 85 paperclips! The 300 possesses 140 MB of internal memory and a hot swappable MicroSD memory card slot, up to 32GB. If you’re a camera fan, the phone also comes complete with a 5 megapixel camera that shoots video in QCIF, QVGA, VGA and MPEG4 formats.

Nokia Asha 303:

Nokia Asha 303

The Nokia Asha 303

Hardware and Features

The Asha 303 is the slightly larger device (compared with the Asha 300) with dimensions of 116.5mm x 55.7mm x 13.9mm. The differentiation in size is partly down to the larger touchscreen. The 303 has a 2.6-inch Touchscreen TFT Display but unlike its younger sibling it has a QWERTY keypad. As you may expect this makes the 303 a bit more weighty, coming in at 99 grams. The handset has up to 100MB of free user memory and up to 32GB with a microSD card. For all you happy snappers, there is also a 3.2 megapixel camera with easy video sharing and playback.

Both the Asha 300 and 303 support WAP, Bluetooth and USB data connectivity, plus they both have a Series 40 Touch and Type user interface.

Nokia Asha 300/303:

Nokia Asha 303 Angry Birds

Nokia Asha 303 with Angry Birds at Nokia World – courtesy of Rafe Blandford


Fans of the cult game Angry Birds, will be glad to hear that a Lite version of the gaming app is available pre-loaded onto both devices. Applications such as Facebook Chat, Whatsapp messaging and the latest release of Nokia Maps for Series 40 (in selected markets) are also included on both phones. For more software and hardware information we have posted another great OneMobileRing video from the Nokia World 2011 event. This shows off the handsets core software and hardware capabilites:

Nokia Asha 300/303 ‘Hands On’ courtesy of  OneMobileRing

Don’t forget to check out these promotional videos provided by Nokia on the Asha 300 and 303 devices:

Nokia Asha 300 via Nokia

Nokia Asha 303 via Nokia