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November 1, 2011

Nokia Lumia 710: Reactions from Nokia World 2011

So, as well as digging out some reactions to the Nokia Lumia 800 from Nokia World 2011, we thought it only fair to give the same amount of time and attention to the Lumia 710. As expected, the 710 was also at the centre of much debate and discussion after it was unveiled last week, and there has been a whole host of recent opinions and reactions to get stuck into. We’re going to take a further look at some of the reaction from those of you who were there at Nokia World.

 The Nokia Lumia 710

Kate Solomon from Tech Radar described the 710 as a phone that ‘promises a cheap and cheerful handset with a top end experience’, a handset ‘easily small enough to sit anonymously in a pocket or small bag’. Chris Davies from Slash Gear similarly stated that the 710 ‘not only represents a more affordable phone today, but heralds a wallet-pleasing low cost Lumia range tomorrow’. Chris gives a hearty analysis of the various functions and features of the phone in this little clip:

We had some great feedback on the more specific features of the phone too, Sharif Sakr was quick to praise the 710’s screen, saying ‘it’s still great at this smaller scale, and you’ll be bashing out texts and emails with ease’.

Kate Hannaford of gizmodo is adamant the Nokia 710 has the ability to bowl anyone “young at heart” over’, whilst Jessica Dolcourt, Senior Associate Editor of, gave a pleasant summation of the phone, saying that ‘the Lumia 710 fits together well, feels good in the hand, and has some fun, funky colors and quirks that set it apart from the legion of sleek ‘n’ glossy, black and gray phones that seem to dominate’. An ‘attraction at first sight’ she says, ‘its performance felt nice and zippy during my brief testing period’.

The guys from mobileburn give a nice little hands-on appraisal of the 710 from Nokia World in this video here, focusing on the ‘unique’ attributes of the device, particularly its hardware keys. They, like many others, seem really impressed by the interchangeable covers too:

Check out some more hands-on feedback from Chris at The Verge; ‘I like it’ he says of the 710, ‘I think it’s a great U.I’ – more positive reaction that shows the Lumia 710 is doing the business as far as reaction from the masses is concerned.  CJ from Zomgitscj also had his say claiming that the 710 is a ‘very recommendable’ handset and ‘does everything you’d expect from a smartphone’


As ever, we realise we’ve only looked at the tip of the ice berg as far as your opinions are concerned. So in that case, why not get in touch to tell us what you think about the Nokia Lumia 710. You can contact us @Nokia_Connects.