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November 1, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800: Reactions from Nokia World 2011

The world has been buzzing with reaction to the new Nokia product launches in the wake of Nokia World 2011. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to dive into some juicier reactions from those people who were experiencing all this new technology first hand on the ground. Here’s what they had to say.


The Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone.

As you may well be aware, the launch of the Lumia 800 focused on the concept of the ‘Amazing Everyday’ and much of the reaction we have seen has reflected this idea. Check out Myriam Joire voicing her opinion on the Lumia 800 from Nokia World here

The Lumia 800 release prompted Benedict Evans, analyst at Enders Analysis, to state that next year Nokia will be amongst one of the only people selling smartphones that aren’t ‘generic slabs of black plastic’, a rather curt and biting comment, but one that projects Nokia to the forefront of current technological design, whilst one Orange employee went so far as to call it ‘one of the best mergers from a handset and a software perspective. It’s probably the greatest designed body I’ve seen’; another plaudit that reaffirms the impact of the new Lumia series on the outside world.

Rash Sahota, VP General Manager of Wolfson Microlectronics, even used the term ‘sexy’ to describe the 800 (we’re glad its reaching out to so many different people in so many different ways!) and Stuart Miles, from Pocket-Lint was also full of praise (in a more understated way) for the Lumia 800, saying ‘it’s a lot better than other Windows Phones out there’.

Mobile Gazette give a thorough review of the 800 with the video below, paying particular attention to the new software. Check it out:

Gareth Beavis of described the 800’s camera as ‘top notch’ and the phone as a solid one that ‘does the job well’, ‘elements like the unibody polycarbonate chassis’ he says, ‘make the phone stand out.’ pay homage to the phone’s MixRadio application, ‘the key selling point’ of the Lumia 800. Whilst Jim Hill of states that ‘its colourful one-piece polycarbonate body defines this phone’, referring also to the excellence of the Nokia Drive and Nokia Music apps too. Here’s some more footage from the Nokia World floor courtesy of that shows a bit more reaction from the people who were at Nokia World:

We’re sure you all have much more to say about the Lumia 800 too, and we would love to hear more of your thoughts and opinions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch @Nokia_Connects.