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November 8, 2011

The Ultimate Nokia Quiz

Think you’ve got the Nokia knowledge? Then we’re sure you will like this quiz.

When you test your brain you are scientifically proven to improve your mental capacity, so we hope by the end of this post you will not only have greater Nokia knowledge, but you will genuinely feel healthier (we hope!). Whilst we were down at the ‘Nokia Products That Changed The World’ exhibition this week, we happened to notice a small dark room with nothing but a solitary projector and some awesome trivia questions. On a scale of one to 10 where 10 is virtually impossible, these rank at 11 – so don’t worry if you’re stumped!

For now, have a go at the questions. All answers are welcome in the comments section below, but clarify which questions you are answering to avoid confusion. Good luck!


Question 1.

How many photos are taken on a Nokia phone every minute?

Question 2.

How many phones are made and sold by Nokia every second?

Question 3.

How many phone calls are made from Nokia phones every second?

Question 4.

How many billion people on the planet use a Nokia phone (decimal places allowed)?

Question 5.

How many text messages are sent from Nokia phones every second?

So,  dare we ask how confident are you feeling now? Don’t worry, we’ll share the answers tomorrow and put you out of your misery 😉


(This went out a little while ago now, so feel free to check out all the answers here!)