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November 9, 2011

The Ultimate Nokia Quiz: The Answers

We had a great response for our Ultimate Nokia Quiz yesterday. There were some very tough (verging on impossible) questions, but as we expected, you guys have done a valiant job at trying to answer them. Now it’s time for the answers, sorry if you’ve have had a sleepless night waiting for them!

Remember, these Q & A’s were taken from the ‘Nokia Products That Changed The World’ exhibition at the London Design Museum. An exhibition that looked at the history of the Nokia handset to present day. This included everything from the Nokia 9000 Communicator (roughly the same size as a brick) to the Nokia 5110 (the classic ‘Xpress-On’ coloured covers) and the most recent Nokia devices, which included the likes of the Nokia N9 and Nokia Lumia 800.

So without further ado, here are the answers:

Question 1.

How many photos are taken on a Nokia phone every minute?

Answer: 360,000 photos

Question 2.

How many phones are made and sold by Nokia every second?

Answer: 13 phones

Question 3.

How many phone calls are made from Nokia phones every second?

Answer: 165,000 calls

Question 4.

How many billion people on the planet use a Nokia phone?

Answer: 1.1 billion

Question 5.

How many text messages are sent from Nokia phones every second?

Answer: 360,500 messages

So that’s it! Thanks for taking part, do any of these figures surprise you? If so, let us know at Nokia Connects. As we mentioned, there were some very close guesses, of which we’ve highlighted the closest below. Good work guys!


– Sandeep Mehta (undoubtedly had the closest guesses!) 🙂

1. 400,000 photos

2. 13 phones sold

3. 200,000 calls

4. 1.2 billion people

5. 37,000 messages


– Jon W (also had a great go at the answers)

1. More than 400,000 photos

2. 12.7 sold

3. Over 50,000 calls

4. 1.4 billion people

5. 1 million messages


Finally, Milan Milanovic (gave it his best attempt)

1. 45,000 photos

2. 21 phones

3. 210,000 calls

4. 1.47 billion

5. 300,000 messages