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LONDON, United Kingdom – Since the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 two weeks ago at Nokia World 2011 I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with some of the key designers responsible for its creation, in order to bring you this exclusive in-depth video documentary. It’s as much a story about collaboration and taking risks as it is about design. At 8-minutes long, it’s not your ordinary bite-size online video, but it is packed with heaps of fascinating insights and exclusive access to never-before-seen materials. So it’s worth setting aside a little time if you’re interested in discovering how the Nokia Lumia 800 was born.

Stefan Pannenbecker

VP of Industrial Design: “You know what’s most rewarding? People are looking at Nokia with fresh eyes again”

The Nokia Lumia 800 builds on Nokia’s “fabula” design language, a visual style that has been created to be used across a range of products, including the Nokia N9. But in creating Nokia’s first Windows Phone there was a whole lot more to the process than simply blending together Nokia hardware and Microsoft software. There was an amazing amount of collaboration and a brave new approach to design that was applied to enable this product to come to life. This process was underpinned by a shared vision and determination from both Nokia and Microsoft, passionately articulated by Stefan Pannenbecker, VP of Industrial Design at Nokia:[hana-code-insert name=’Design ambition’ /]

“We had one simple goal…
to build a better phone. Something that seamlessly fuses the best industrial design with the best software and user experience.”

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Kate Freebairn

Creative Director, Lumia UX Design: “Great collaboration isn’t a science. It’s about the people

0m 28s – It takes courage to try something new
1m 02s – New collaborative experience fuels design ambition
1m 22s – Reaction to the Nokia Lumia 800 at Nokia World 2011
1m 41s – The art of great collaboration
1m 56s – Unsung heroes
2m 33s – Starting a partnership of this magnitude
2m 53s – Friendly SWAT team of designers
3m 20s – Technologically advanced and natural to use
3m 45s – The bones

Chris Linnett

Head of Lumia UX Design: “We’ve only just begun to witness the tremendous result this collaboration with Microsoft can produce”

3m 59s – Antenna performance guides the design and materials used
4m 19s – Early design studies and 3D wax models
4m 38s – A truly beautiful product made out of plastic
5m 02s – Techniques typically associated with metal work
5m 16s – Physical design and software experience become one
5m 56s – Subtle design elements
6m 23s – Creating a product designed to be used all over the world
6m 40s – Contacts Transfer app
6m 56s – Only the beginning
7m 15s – Taking a risk and seeing the reward

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What else would you like to see?

If there’s anything in this video documentary you’d like us to explore in further depth, or any other design related stories you’d particularly like us pursue, share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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