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November 11, 2011

Which Nokia colour are you?

What’s in a colour? Are you a smooth operator who likes the sleek silver or black look, or would you rather be loud and proud with aqua or pink? As with the array of new colours available on the Nokia Lumia 710 & 800, there is now more choice for consumers when it comes to colour.



It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the increased choice in colour is down to you guys wanting a more personalised feel and so now we see colour choices becoming increasingly important to companies. It’s worth quickly mentioning the Nokia 603 too, ‘Fast. Bright. Fully featured. Guaranteed to add colour to your life’, it comes in a whole range of colours!



Gone are the days when the rather drab off-colour palette reigned supreme; boring black surfaces and non-offensive tones have been steadily overcome by a renewed desire for more vibrancy. Wacky phone cases and other colourful accessories aren’t unusual and now more than ever, we are inclined to judge a phone by its cover. But can we judge the author?

Now for the fun part.

The Nokia colour guide

So, to put it plainly (or colourfully) do you think you are a dark horse or a colour chameleon? Or even both?

We’ve had a little look into the meanings behind the colours that are available to you:

BLACK – Understated and simple, cool and mysterious, black is sleek, suave and stylish. Black’s also the longstanding finish colour of most technological devices. If you want to blend into the crowd and stay mysterious then black is the best way to go. Oh, and it doesn’t show the dirt.

YELLOW – striking and somewhat glaring, yellow screams with energy and dynamism. And whilst it may not be everyone’s taste, you’ll be sure to catch anyone’s eye out with a flash of yellow on your device and grab all the attention. Fun and exuberant, feel the heat with yellow.

GREEN – You get much of the same with green as you do with yellow. Wacky and vibrant, it is also calming and fresh. For the leafier individuals who like a bit of greenery in their lives, this one is for you!

BLUE – Modest and unassuming, blue is for the more refreshing and serene amongst us. Perhaps rather more masculine, its smart and versatile with a subtle edge. If you’re feeling low key and relaxed, or just plain chilled out, rock the cool blue look.

MAGENTA Strong, ominous and deep. Red, like yellow, is likely to catch the eye of many a passerby with its powerful presence. Perhaps you’re feeling the love, perhaps you’re feeling the rage, whatever it is, you’ll be making a statement with a red case on your smart phone.

SILVER Much like black, silver is cool, chic and seamlessly stylish. If you want to add some real swagger to your handset, silver does the job. Shiny and smart and most definitely elegant

WHITE – pristine, pure and neutral, we all know white is the opposite of black, yet it still holds the same sleek and smooth attributes. After all, ‘white devices are all the rave at the moment’, just look at the Nokia N9’s latest colour release which has been a massive hit with everyone so far. Perhaps you’re feeling flat, or just plain normal. Whatever you’re feeling, white is a blank canvas that will never give too much away and will remain unassumingly subtle, yet cool and sophisticated.




All that’s left to ask is which is the colour you’d go for? Let us know your thoughts.