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November 12, 2011

Nokia Asha: your favourite features

You’ve already told us your top 5 features on the Lumia 800 so now it’s time to find out the results of our Nokia Asha poll. Here we go!

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#1. Speed and power. These were the top answers we saw in our poll that just screams your lust for up-to-date, fast and affordable hardware. The 300 and 303 host a quick 1GHz processor which we feel brings top notch speed at competitive price for those who don’t want or need every single bell and whistle on their mobile phone.

#2. How much will it set me back? A question we must all ask ourselves when making a decision on our next handset. For the Nokia Asha series, you said that your second favourite ‘feature’ (we know, this isn’t really a feature), is price! Whether you’re looking for a backup phone or one that does a few things really well a Nokia Asha could just be what you need.

#3 Away with the shackles of conformity and in with the expression of colour! One of our personal favourites was one of yours too – colour. The choices available in the Asha series are abundant. These different colours will let you project your mood and synchronise your style.

#4 Gemini, duality of the SIM variety. Dual-SIM was your number four choice (very close behind colour). This shows that a lot of you really dig the Asha 200’s Dual-SIM capabilities and we’re keen to find out more. Why do you have the need for a Dual-SIM? Where are you located? Let us know, we’re intrigued.

#5. Number five, well… QWERTY had to make it in there somewhere! A hardware QWERTY keyboard is always something that excites people who txt and email heavily on a daily basis. We know many say that a phone without a hardware QWERTY is an absolute deal breaker! So there’s no surprise you’ve voted the 200, 201 and 303’s keyboard as another of your top features. An affordable, well built handset with a hardware keyboard is never going to disappoint.

This brings us to the end of our Nokia Asha Poll. What do you think, do you agree with the choices above or have anything you’re bursting to add? Drop us a line on Twitter and tell us what’s on your mind because we’d love to hear from you. Additionally you can get a closer look at the Asha mobiles from CJ and his trip to Nokia World this year.