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November 13, 2011

Nokia Connects You #4

Hello, good morning and welcome – to issue number four of Nokia Connects You. This week our theme is animals and, without further ado, let’s dive in –

1. Searching for something sweet

This photograph, snapped on the Nokia N8, of a bumblebee in mid-flight somewhere in Puerto Rico not only captured our hearts with its details and intricacies but also managed to secure the Nokia Creative Photo Award for Best Picture back in July (c/o Nokia Creative).

Look, learn and be inspired.

2. Foursquare for Good

There’s nothing we like more than seeing modern day technology being used to innovate upon and solve traditional problems. This story, care of our friends at About Foursquare, is exactly that.

It turns out that yesterday – all across America – was National Shelter Check-in Day; encouraging people to visit their local animal shelters, check-in on foursquare and help spread the word & raise awareness about the animal shelters in their areas. They figured that if you were there checking-in, you might just check-out with a rescue under you arm.

Take a look at the #invisibledogs hashtag and see the great work for yourself. Well done guys, we salute you.

3. Augmented Animal Reality

When we first heard about this amazing mix of modern tech + beautiful moments, we had planned just to throw a few images together and talk about some of the animals on show etc. But then, well, then we found this video and, content aside, it also happens to have one of our favourite pieces of music playing over the top of it.

Enjoy –

4. Those gamers are just getting younger and younger

Sticking with video for our final animal-themed Nokia Connects You article today, there was no way that we couldn’t show you this fantastic piece of footage of a young lad seeing his first ever game of Angry Birds. It gets very loud at about nine seconds in; you have been warned!

5. JASON BLACK Connects You

Last week, we put a call out asking for the coolest thing you had seen on your travels along the information superhighway. This ‘open call’ is open to anyone and everyone. This week, Jason Black stepped up with this ‘biggest Windows Phone ever‘ story from Engadget.

The title kind of says it all really, but we’ll leave it to you to click through and check out the awesome gallery of pictures over on the other side.

Remember, keep your eyes peeled and stay in touch – next week it could be your content we highlight here at Nokia Connects You.

Until next time…