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November 16, 2011

Ask the Nokia Mapstronaut!

Many of you may be wondering just who the infamous Mapstronaut is, where he lives and what exactly his plans are for the future of this Earth?

Well unfortunately we can’t tell you any of that!

What we can do however, is try to probe him with some questions, so you can get a better understanding of what he is really all about. Let’s start by telling you one fact about the Mapstronaut.

He’s no waste of space [Get it? SPACE! – sorry]. He is a busy guy that loves travelling to your favourite places around the world:

The Mapstronaut promised us 10 questions and 10 questions only, but what he did say was, he definitely wanted the majority of them to come from his fans. So we decided to stick to the solitary three! We’ve taken three and then we’re handing seven over to you (he said he was very busy and made it pretty obvious that he didn’t have time to deviate from his tight schedule). We thought this was a little self-righteous and the space diva clearly had stars in his eyes, but then we remembered he was all about his loyal Nokia Maps fans.

So have a look below at the questions we have already asked, then think of one you would like to ask him yourselves and post it in the comments below. Remember: we are only allowed to ask him seven more questions, so only the best will get delivered to his Nokia Maps shuttle!

The Big Small Interview

Nokia Connects: Hi Mapstronaut, thanks for coming in today.

Move on. Cut the small talk.

NC: No problem. What does a great being like yourself use to travel all over Europe? Presumably you have a nice car?

A car? What is this, a hidden camera show? Where is Ashton Kutcher hiding, is he under this desk? I use a rocket of course! It’s the only way I travel. That question was like asking Father Christmas if he will be using DHL to deliver presents this Christmas. Move on. I used to own a Reliant Robin though.

NC: Okay then, apologies. If you could invite five of your favourite people from Earth to a dinner party who would they be?

Simple. I would invite Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. No talking, food or drinks – just constant three way arm wrestles. Oh and Optimus Prime is welcome to come over and judge.

NC: Great stuff. Who would occupy the other two seats at the table then?

The rest are irrelevant. Move on.

NC: Mapstronaut you must keep fit walking around all those European cities? Do you play any sports in your spare time?

Yes I am very fit that is correct. My favourite sport is Orienteering, leave me in the middle of nowhere with a compass and I will find you.

NC: Thank you very much for your time Mapstronaut… oh he’s gone.

So there you have it, a brief glimpse into the life of the Nokia Mapstronaut. As we said before he’s promised to answer 10 questions and the last 7 will be yours to ask. Let us know in the comments section or at Nokia Connects what you would like to ask the Mapstronaut and we’ll do the rest.