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Nokia Lumia 800 on sale


LONDON, United Kingdom – The Nokia Lumia 800 hit the shops in the UK today and Conversations was there to see the first phones sold.

At Westfield mall, Stratford City, leading UK phone seller The Carphone Warehouse was the first store to open its doors to us.

One satisfied customer Alexander Bernadine said: “It’s a very nice phone. It’s light and easy to use.”

Alexander saw the Nokia Lumia 800 for the first time in the shop today and got it free on a £26 a month contract with Orange.

“I’m going to get a blue headset with it,” he added, looking at the Monster headphones on display at the Nokia Arch where team member Simon Hall helped Alexander set up his phone.

“He’s delighted with it,” said Simon. “He said it’s a wicked phone.”

Earlier, Carphone Sales assistant Gordon Helies told Conversations he thought the new phones would do really well.

“I didn’t like Nokia until I tried this phone. I’ve been learning all about it and it really is a great phone,” he said.

“I think we are going to sell a lot of these.”

The flagship store in London’s East End, close to the 2012 Olympic stadium, has up to 10,000 visitors a week and is now the busiest Carphone Warehouse outlet in Britain.

Preorders for the Nokia Lumia 800 have been going very well. The phone has generated more buzz than any Nokia handset in recent times.

And top Lumia deals, including a free Xbox from UK service provider Orange, are attracting thousands of customers.

Nokia arch manageress Cherish Meade said yesterday: “There is a real buzz here today, we’re all very excited about the first sales. From reactions so far, we know a lot of people are going to buy this phone.”

Pictures: Xavier Fiddes