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November 17, 2011

Travel essentials – our top 5

We’re always making journeys, and whether they’re long or short we need the basic travel necessities. And we don’t mean passport, toothbrush, credit card. šŸ™‚

An appropriate subject as the winter holiday season approaches, Christmas and new year are just around the corner with all the festivities they bring. It’s not only a time of social gatherings and family reunions, it’s a time when we all need to get up and leave the nest and set off on our journeys to regroup. So, here’s the checklist of vital necessities you might be running through if you are headed off on your travels:

1. Phone

Seems obvious, but there’s a catch – when it comes to travel there’s the age-old dilemma. You want to take lots of pictures and videos, so the N8 seems to be an obvious choice. But there’s also going to be emailĀ to consider,Ā so an E6 or even an old school E71 might fit the bill. On reflection (and given that photos might be the order of the day over the winter holidays), the camera of the N8 wins the battle for us.

via themobilefanatics

3. Games

ThereĀ will always be times on a trip when the only thing to do is play a quick game. Waiting at the gate to boardĀ a plane, in a taxi andĀ just before bedĀ are allĀ perfect opportunities to hone your skills. But which game to choose? Obvious ones are Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds Seasons because, you know, why wouldn’t you? But for something a little different, why not try the Incredible Circus (which is one of our latest favourites from the Store) šŸ™‚

2. Apps
So with gaming sorted, what about more serious apps? Of course, the standards of Gravity and Foursquare are there, also CNN to keep up-to-date with world events and Sports Tracker to log the miles. Used in conjunction with Nokia Maps, it makes the perfect combo for hunting down sightseeing opportunities and seeing how many calories you burned on the way šŸ™‚ To make sure you areĀ fully updatedĀ before you leave, and for Maps-related news in general, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the Nokia Maps Blog.

4. Headphones

To listen to your music, audio books and films on the go you’ll need a sturdy pair of headphones. For those lucky enough to have a pair of BH-905i’s, these are going to be vital when you’re listening to tunes because of the bass boost and Active noise cancellation featuresĀ (although maybe you should be letting the sounds of the city wash over you). If you don’t have a pair, just make sure you have an alternative setĀ and your phone or mp3 player is full of stuff to keep you relaxed while you’re chillingĀ on the beach.

5. Charger

Chargers and power socket adapters need to be filed under ‘Do not forget under any circumstances’. But to add security, it’s always worth taking anĀ spareĀ battery, or grabbing some extra power from a Nokia DC-11. Other power-saving tips include turning the screen brightness down and turning off ‘power-burners’ like Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi scanner.

This concludes ourĀ list butĀ we want to know what yours isĀ likeĀ –Ā are we missing out on any major practicices before we head off to theĀ sun? Leave a comment or tweet usĀ if you have anything to add!