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November 25, 2011

The Nokia Mapstronaut returns!

The Mapstronaut lived up to his promise. He has returned to answer seven of the community’s finest questions! We don’t have a clue where he has been, but we can reassure you that he didn’t get dragged in by the cat, he dragged the cat in.


Yesterday we were busy working away in the office on Nokia Connects when suddenly the whole place filled with smoke and flashing lights! Panic gripped the office. People were throwing their sandwiches in the air, others were ducking for cover, light beams blinded the whole NC team and a pulsating high-pitched noise echoed round the office. Then it all just completely stopped?! The front door buzzed open and the Mapstronaut powered through, spinning his keys around his finger.

He didn’t even sign in at the front desk….he just shouted, ‘Check the Nokia Maps blog!’

Those of you following the Mapstronaut on Nokia Connects will know that last week he asked his fans to come up with some questions about life as the Mapstronaut. Whilst he was in the office we thought we had better corner him to fulfill the promise. Well done to everyone who submitted a question and a super well done for those of you lucky enough to get your question answered.

Nokia Connects: Hi Mapstro, do you like our new nickname for you?

No. Please only refer to me as Mapstronaut or Mr.Mapstronaut or Senor Mapstronaut or Doctor Mapstronaut (see below)

NC: OK. Here are some questions from your fans.

Teo d: What’s in your mapstronaut pack?

Packed Lunch – tin of baked beans, scotch egg, 1 slice of white bread, 1 slice of brown bread.

And an apple.

Rikibu: You visited Berlin, Rome and London. Which city did you like the most and what will you do when your promo tour for Nokia Maps is over?

That sounds like two questions to me. Firstly, Mapstronaut never looks back, only forwards (it’s a practical thing – you can’t turn in that helmet). Secondly, the tour never ends for the Mapstronaut. What goes on tour stays on tour.

ThisAlex: Mapstronaut – if you weren’t a Mapstronaut, what job would you like to be doing?

I would have been a Cartographer – but i already am. Look it up, I’ve got a Doctorate in it.

Cristian Trohin: Mr. Mapstronaut what do you do when you’re in space and your nose itches? How do you scratch it?

I have a microphone in my helmet, I rub my nose against it. Easy. Next question

PsychoMania: Mapstronaut, if you, Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer and Optimus Prime had a massive fight to the death who would still be standing at the end?

Mapstronaut does not fight, he only wins. Hmm who would be standing. Mapstronaut, maybe Chuck Norris, possibly Jack Bauer, definitely not Optimus Prime. He’d be heading for the scrap heap.

Teo d: Are your suspenders functional or purely NASA chic

First off. They are BRACES not suspenders. Secondly, they are ‘space age’. You can’t get more chic than that.

Jason: Would you like to come to America to visit NYC and trial a Nokia Lumia 800 with me as we navigate (with your guidance of course) around town to all the cool spots? I’ll buy you some tang and we can share some freeze-dried ice cream.

Sounds like a plan. What the Houston is tang? I hate freeze-dried ice cream, normal ice cream will suffice. Vanilla is my favourite flavour.

No cone. I hate the cone.

NC: An alarm went off on the Mapstronaut’s phone, he kicked a chair over, said ‘Enough talk, time for action’ and then powered out of the room.

The Mapstronaut will be returning very soon so keep your eyes on the Nokia Maps blog for a new adventure. Where do you want the Mapstronaut to go next?