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November 28, 2011

Lumia 800: Penguin and Fireworks app reviews

We showcased a review of the Lumia 800 Amazon Kindle app last week, all thanks to our good friend Jay Montano at mynokiablog. Since then he has written 12 more daily ‘Lumiappaday’s’, including a small collection of ‘fun’ apps for the Lumia 800. After reading the more fun reviews we decided to tell the community about the Fireworks and Penguin app’s for the Lumia 800.

Here are a few apps to help you waste time on a train, at a bus stop or when you get home and you’ve got nothing to do! Alternatively, if your friend’s are boring and you don’t want to listen to them anymore you can enter your own world of simple fun in a restaurant or down the park.


Jay claimed that Penguin was a really addictive app and compared the gameplay to ‘Tiny Wings’. The aim is to guide your penguin along the snowy hills for as long as possible, ensuring the speed and momentum increases by diving onto a downward slope. Timing is key here; you will want to keep that penguin going for as long as possible!    

Overall this game was rated highly by Jay (a 9/10 to be precise); he commended the usability, performance and price. The cost makes the purchase desirable because there isn’t any. However, adverts have been known to interrupt gameplay. We downloaded the app ourselves and gave the game a go, we were particularly impressed at how easy it was to play, but frustration quickly sets in when the game isn’t going your way!


Jay noticed that this fun and simple app had tonnes of positive feedback in the Windows Marketplace, it’s positioning as a free app seems to have hit all the right chords. Here are some of the review comments from the community:

Such a cute app! Love it!! – Cressida
Love this, strangely therapeutic – Davold

Really fantastic little App, kept our baby son happy for ages..and it’s free! – Vigilanis

Here is some developer blurb for the product and a video of it in action:

‘A showcase app for multi-touch and graphics. Tap or drag to create brilliant displays of light and sound. Compete or relax in one of several all new game modes. Experience your music, photos, and text in a brand new way. Or just watch a generated show. How you play is up to you, so get creative’ – WindowsPhone Marketplace

This app is great for mindless fun, it illustrates the touch sensitivity of the handset and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It focuses on colour, sound and responsiveness as opposed to gameplay. Jay rated it as a 8.25/10, he disliked the Papyrus font on the title and menu screen but liked everything else about the end product. Here are his thoughts on the usability of the app, he highlights some interesting information about Xbox Live:

‘Usability: 8 This app oddly ends up in the Xbox Live app where games belong. I wouldn’t class this as a game so you might find problems finding where the app is if you didn’t pay attention during the install where it ends up (you can see in the video marketplace automatically showing you Xbox Live). You can of course initiate this with voice control’ – Jay, mynokiablog 

There are already over ten Lumia 800 app reviews on mynokiablog. If you have any app reviews you want to show us please feel free to post the links on @Nokia_Connects or in the comments section below.