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November 29, 2011

Nokia Research: 25th Anniversary and beyond

Our research department reached the grand old age of 25 recently, a milestone that we just couldn’t ignore here at Nokia Connects. So we thought it would be appropriate to highlight some of their achievements to the community and look ahead to the future. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear how their research has connected you in the past.

Ask yourself this series of questions: when did you send your very first ever text message, receive your first mobile phone call or use the internet for the first time to find your location? Chances are, it was definitely within the last 25 years. The Nokia Research department started developing and furthering mobile communication well before digital GSM calling, 3G, SMS text messaging or online mobile devices. But they were also the first researchers to connect people using all of these communication mediums.

‘As we were finding out how to connect individuals, we found a way to connect everyone and for the first time ever the human voice was truly mobile’

This 25th anniversary video should give you a greater understanding of how far the research department have innovated communication in our mobile world (plus, can anyone tell us who is narrating this video?).

Nokia Research pride themselves on being forward thinkers. There was a reason they patented some touch technology as early as 1995. To put it simply, they could see into the future! Touch technology is now present on laptops, mobile phones, tablets and many more products globally. So the question is, what are they patenting now that will be everywhere in the next 10, 15 or 20 years time?

‘At Nokia, we’re constantly thinking about the future. We spend our days envisioning a world that few can imagine but that we know is just over the horizon. We have developed a vision of how the physical world will fuse with the digital world in the future through mobile technologies’

Picture coming into work everyday and trying to imagine the un-imaginable, trying to work on developing communication in a world that doesn’t yet exist. It must be a pretty tough job role, right? Well, we know we would struggle, but would you? We’d love to know here at Nokia Connects if you have any innovative ideas for the future of mobile technology? To give you some inspiration here are some concept devices developed by Nokia: the GEM, Nokia Human Form and Nokia Kinetic. These devices are incredible visions of the future but we think you can do better 😉