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December 2, 2011

NokiaTube: where in the world?

We’ve got a couple of Friday funnies for the community today. Whilst scanning the globe on Nokia YouTube we discovered a couple of Nokia videos that made us laugh, let’s just say they are a little weird and wonderful!

NokiaTube: where in the world? is our new weekly feature here at Nokia Connects. Last week we brought you the challenge champion that is David Grier, a man who knows no limits, plus, we stepped into the mindset of some community petrol head’s as they attempted to drive all manner of vehicles using their Nokia phones.

Today we are taking you on a journey to the Nokia Croatia and Nokia Indonesia YouTube pages. Two nations from opposite sides of the world who share a similar taste in video content…

Nokia Indonesia

QWERTY ME! This Nokia advert in Indonesia takes the word bizarre to a whole new level. This guy is promoting the Nokia Asha 303 with Qwerty keyboard by putting himself through a series of strange scenarios. Can you tell us what is happening here, have we got any Indonesians in the house? Could he be parodying some other YouTube videos?


Nokia Croatia

The next two videos get a massive thumbs up from us. Welcome one and all to Nokia Thumb World! Do these guys really need any introduction? They are what they are, thumbs going about their daily routine, the kind of stuff we see everyday right!? These thumbs are always up to thumbsthing, whether its going to the gym, chilling in ‘da club’ or having a chat on Facebook, their  finger thumb is always on the pulse.

Thumb In The Gym

Thumb In Da Club

If you see anything you like on the Nokia YouTube channels then make sure you give us a thumbs heads up below in the comments section or on @Nokia_Connects. Have an awesome weekend everyone.