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December 5, 2011

Win a Nokia Play 360 speaker! Guess the Nokia phones

After today’s competition you could be the proud owner of a Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth speaker. Say goodbye to a docking station and wires with this portable pearl. To win, you must correctly guess which phones have been photographed in our close-up competition.

This week we are focusing our Nokia Connects coverage on the design of Nokia products; so here is a little test of how well you can recognise a Nokia phone’s form. We have taken a few up-close photos of Nokia handsets; all you have to do is tell us which ones we have snapped. We will randomly select one winner with all the correct answers to receive the 360 Play speaker. This won’t be a first come first served competition so don’t worry if you’re not the first to answer correctly, but we will only accept one answer per user. Answers must be left in the comments section below and be submitted by midnight on Sunday 11th December (London GMT). Any entries after that time will not be counted.

Here we go, the best of luck to all:

Tarzan: ‘Jane have you seen my phone around here anywhere?’

Will this phone wig-gle its way out of this trap?

This model loves to ‘pump it up’ in the gym    

Finally, here is a tough one for you – we call it ‘The Black Hole’

Some tricky phone designs to guess, but this should be a little easier than the Ultimate Nokia Quiz! The Nokia Play 360 is an awesome prize so we can’t wait to give it away.

Well, that’s not strictly the truth; we are actually a little bit sad we can’t keep the speaker for our team to play with! Please think of us when you are dancing around your house with the tunes blaring out…