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December 6, 2011

My favourite Nokia phone design, ever!

It’s not just us talking about the latest and greatest, the oldest and boldest Nokia mobile phone technology out there. There’s enthusiasts all over the globe having a good old chin wag and we’ve invited some of them to write their very own articles for Nokia Connects. This week, we asked Jade to write a little bit about his favourite ever Nokia handset design.

We’re sure you’ll agree that for some, trying to choose your number one design is a pretty daunting task! Alas, Jade managed to whittle down his favourite models from over the years and came up with a great review about the N9.

Take it away Jade…

via gadjade

I’ve been using Nokia phones since I was a kid. Starting in 2003, I remember having the Nokia 3210 as my first Nokia mobile phone, and in 2008, I had the Nokia N81 as my first Nokia smartphone. Since then, I’ve been hooked to the latest Nokia smartphones over the years. All these phones manifest a unique look and feel but the Nokia phone design that struck me the most is none other than the Nokia N9.

Picking it as my favourite ever phone design was a hefty task. I dug up some old posts of mine (from SymbianWorld’s Battle of the Sexiest one and two, and three Sexiest Nokia phones from SymbianDreams) looking for some thoughts and experiences that I have laid down before, so I could enlighten myself on the task. Thankfully, it helped me a lot in choosing the N9 without having any doubt. Honestly speaking, I chose the N9 because it has the perfect combination of the most intuitive user experience, through MeeGo, and the sexiness it embodies as a flagship. Both the back and the front of the N9 are very irresistible to look at. The curved screen is really appealing and the minimalist silver lining of the camera and Nokia logo on the back are very seductive. Lastly, its sleek unibody shell that comes in fancy colours just makes it a perfect piece of art.

So all in all, the Nokia N9 is a balance of intelligence, functionality and industrial design. Not to forget the other close choices I have are the Nokia X7, Nokia E7 and the white Nokia N86.

Wow – what a great way of summarising the N9. If your finding it difficult to choose your favourite Nokia design, then we can imagine Jade’s thoughts have given you a lot more to think about!

Which design would you choose if you were to write a guest piece for us? Do you agree with Jade’s summation of the N9? As ever, let us know what you think @Nokia_Connects.