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December 17, 2011

Regional Spotlight: Lebanon and Jordan

Over the last few weeks we have been casting our regional spotlight onto the USA and India, helping you discover new Nokia content, news and reviews. So today we want to do even more of the same…..

………….by turning the spotlight onto Lebanon and Jordan.

The N9 Show Yourself Competition 

Wouldn’t you love to be the next billboard pin-up in your home city? Imagine driving past a huge billboard with your friends and pointing up to a massive picture of yourself smiling and having fun! Well this dream came true for some lucky Nokia fans taking part in the N9 Show Yourself competition in Lebanon and Jordan.

Here are the three stages that each participant in the competition had to pass to fulfil this movie star dream:

Step 1

Upload an image of yourself on the Lebanon or Jordan Facebook page and say why you want to be an N9 star in the new billboard campaign.

Step 2

The best entrants are then invited to a N9 Stars professional photo shoot with their close friends and family. Here is Mickeal A Khalek and his sister from the Lebanon page. Below is a professional shot of Murad Ali and his buddies on the Nokia Jordan page; they had lots of photos taken so it was a gamble which one was used (you would be hoping Nokia chose a good one!).

Step 3

Time to get your face up on the billboard like a true N9 star! Murad Ali and Mikael Khalek (image at the top of this post) have now got their faces emblazoned on the city high streets they walk down, day in day out.

In Jordan they even found a way of featuring everyone who made it to the final stages. We thought this was a great illustration of how ordinary everyday Nokia community members in Lebanon and Jordan can contribute to a big Nokia advertising campaign.

Lebanese Fashion

We’ve already mentioned this before, but again, we wanted to draw your attention to a Lebanese fashion blogger by the name of Lana El Sahely. Lana recently received a Nokia N9 from the Nokia Connects team and decided to write a review about the phone.

“A month ago, I got extremely happy when I’ve received an email from Nokia Connects proposing that I try the Nokia N9 for a period of two weeks. I immediately accepted the offer and the device was sent to me from London only a few days later” 

Lana obviously loves her fashion, so naturally the look and feel of a phone is very important to her. She declared in the review that she wasn’t much of a ‘technological geek’ but had some interesting points of view about the phones form.

“The shape is very beautiful because the phone doesn’t look like something too square-ish but more like a mix of rigidity with very round-ish corners. It actually feels good to have the device in your hands because it’s not too heavy and at the same time it doesn’t feel like lighter devices”

Her favourite colour is blue so she was really happy to receive the Cyan Blue Nokia N9.

From a more technical perspective, we want you to have look at Mostafa Dafer’s contribution on Coolestech. Mostafa also took an N9 under his wing for a couple of weeks to review and in true tech fashion; he took a more traditional approach…

via mytrendyphone

After starting with hardware and visual appeal, he moves onto software and discovers what the MeeGo OS has to offer, before getting into what its camera brings to the table, of which he’s shared some sample photographs for your perusal. You’ll have to read the full story to find out the conclusion of his thoughts, but here’s a sneak peak!

The rear view is just as attractive as it could ever be! The 8 Megapixels Camera of Carl Zeiss Tessar F2.2 wide-angle auto focus lens along with the dual-LED Flash & the giant silver “Nokia” logo fill up the fascinating rear view

That’s all for this week’s regional spotlight guys, we thought we would give you a snapshot of Nokia life in Jordan and Lebanon. Huge thanks go to Lana for writing this review, please make sure you check out her love of everything fashion at L’Armoire De Lana.

Are you from Lebanon or Jordan? If so we would love to hear from you. Which Nokia phone have you been interacting with recently? Were you part of the campaign we just talked about? Or alternatively, do you want us to shine the spotlight on a different country of your choice? Let us know about this and anything else you would love to see (or fashion) @Nokia_Connects.