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December 21, 2011

One man, three Nokia unboxings

It must be the holiday season. Why else would one man have a trio of Nokia unboxings on his site? Because it’s an early gift for me, that’s why!

Neil clearly knows that I’m a sucker for an unboxing (I’m in therapy for it, don’t worry)….so let’s start with the N9. He includes a panoply of excellent pics (one of which is above), totally what you’d expect from an expert unboxing. There are also a few opinions on the phone

“The N9 looks very very sleek! See that? That’s the Gorilla Glass that is curved so it fades into the body.”

It looks like he got a special box, one with plush lining, which we like the look of. He goes on to have his say about the N9, especially the build quality – a ‘special feel’ that’s not just ‘cheapo plastic’. Full marks for the N9 then.

How about the Nokia 700? We’ve already brushed on this in the Philippines regional spotlight earlier, but again, here’s a *boat*load of snaps from Neil, and some explanation of what is where (others might call this a walk around).

He also includes an enigmatic hint for those who don’t usually read the manual

“Hey, are you the type of person who doesn’t read the manuals of your phone? This time you may want to do so. A special surprise is waiting for you! ;)”

Wonder what that could be…..

Overall, the main thrust of his thoughts on the Nokia 700 concern the size which he is at pains to stress on several occasions. He states that the 700 is ‘a very compact, small, and light smartphone. It’s even small than my brother’s Nokia C2-03‘, and ‘much slimmer than my Nokia N8!!’

Finally in the ‘last but my no means least’ slot, Neil takes a look at the Nokia 500 as it emerges from its box.

There isn’t much opinion on this one (that’s being saved for a later post), just enough to comment on the size and what actually comes in the box. The photos speak for themselves, though, especially the different coloured covers.

So, that’s a handy triumvirate of unboxings to make your day go smoothly, I know it has for me. If you have thoughts or comments, there’s three ways to share them (like the symmetry there?). Share what you have to say on the individual posts, leave them as a comment for us here, or drop us a line @Nokia_Connects. We’re always here to listen to what you have to say.