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December 21, 2011

Weekly regional spotlight: Philippines

Power up the generators! It’s time to cast our weekly regional spotlight once again. We’ve scanned 115,830 square miles of the Philippines (actually we just went online) to find some awesome Nokia fans.

Last week we took you to Lebanon and Jordan, we’ve also hit up India and the USA, so now, without further ado, let’s take a trip to the Philippines.

We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Nokia content coming from this beautiful country and two guys have stood out for us this time round. First up in today’s order of play, we have Neil Ross Goco from misterjonjon and he will be closely followed by Harwin John Pajares from HJPTechieWorld.

The Un-boxing Supremo

Neil Ross Goco has recently been busy unboxing ‘a special’ N9, the ‘affordable’ Nokia 500 and the ‘NFC Time’ Nokia 700. He has clearly been experiencing and reviewing a diverse range of Nokia phones, so to avoid blabbering on about all of them we thought we would check out his thoughts on the Nokia 700.

via misterjonjon

After Neil had unboxed the Nokia 700 he was surprised at how slim the phone was, citing that it was much slimmer than the N8. With the speaker grill positioned at the base of the handset his mum thought it looked like a ‘slider phone’. This illusion is of course part of the phones unique design.

The back side of the phone houses the 5 Megapixels camera along with the LED flash. The battery cover is made of stainless steel which adds a bit of heft to the phone, with the Nokia logo embossed on it. A lanyard hole is also available on the bottom of the phone

He had a bit of mysterious advice for any of you thinking about purchasing the phone:

Hey, are you the type of person who doesn’t read the manuals of your phone? This time you may want to do so. A special surprise is waiting for you! 😉

via misterjonjon

What special surprise could he possibly be talking about? Why don’t you tweet him to find out? NFC is available on this device, so can any of our community members in the Philippines tell us how you are making use of this technology? Neil informed his fans that the Nokia 700 is now available at Nokia stores nationwide in the Philippines for only P14,000.

Nine Reasons You Should Get A Nokia N9

Harwin John Pajares spent two weeks with the N9 and decided to tell his readers nine reasons why they should get the phone. Have a look for yourself at his suggestions, we have decided to focus on just a few of our favourites.

– Calendar

Harwin thinks that the finer details make the Meego devices more comfortable and easier to use. He hoped as a previous Symbian user that this would be the case with the newer phones.

There are small things that make a phone a great device. In this case it’s the Calendar App. The Calendar App on the Nokia N9 is like a redesigned calendar from the Symbian devices. They basically look the same. If they look the same then where is the redesign you might ask? Well on the new calendar app it’s much easier to switch between the different views and creating an event is also simplified. You can see this in the next pictures

Have you made the switch to a Meego device yet? Do you agree or disagree with the points above? Let us know @Nokia_Connects.

– Design

Next up is the design of the N9. Harwin rated the phones form highly and tussled with himself between the E7 and N9 (here is an awesome N9 review from our Filipino friends at techpinas) for which phone design he preferred the most:

For me this is one of the best designs in the market today (tied with the E7, can’t really choose which one is better).  This has got to be the most premium feel device that is made of plastic that I have ever seen. It has a 3.9” AMOLED display. It looks really big, but the thing is, when you use it, it doesn’t feel that way. You can easily touch the four corners of the screen. I’m really amazed with this because on my N8 you can’t do that.

Finally, we wanted to draw your attention to Harwin’s thoughts on the N9 apps. He placed them high up his priority list, incidentally he had OS as his number one reason why you should buy the N9, but Apps were a close second place.

– Apps

Sounds like Harwin is app mad with his N9!

I think I have downloaded more apps on the N9 in 2 weeks compared to what I have downloaded on my N8 (which I’m using for almost 2-3 months now). It’s not because I’m going to write a review about all of them, it’s just because I can’t stop myself from downloading and trying all the apps.

He has downloaded some of the coolest apps available on the device, including: ToshlFoursquareRipOffStack and StuffPeak Gold and Rainbow Brush. Are you an N9 user? Which of these apps do you love or are there any others you can tell us about?

That’s all for another weekly regional spotlight. We thought these posts were awesome from the guys in the Philippines so sorry if you live over there and we didn’t feature you today. Visit the posts covered to see them in their entirety and leave a comment if you feel like it! Plus let us know why you should have been included in this weekly spotlight and we will try to feature you in the future!