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December 22, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800: One phone, three videos

Following on from the One Man, Three Unboxings post, I’ve gone for the reverse – one phone, three opinions. All delivered via the medium of video. The phone in question, as you’ll have no doubt worked out from the pic, is the Nokia Lumia 800.

Pic courtesy of Mark Guim at thenokiablog

Let’s roll then. First out of the box, as it were, is an unboxing (see what I did there?) from Blake, a.k.a.windows7blogger. It’s a step by step guide to getting started and includes a full walk round of the phone including first boot up of the ‘very nice device’. Perfect for any first-timer:

Next up is a friend of Nokia Connects, Yash Maheshwari, who posts a vid on Cj’s pages showing the very first time *he* fired up the Lumia 800. A great start to anyone who is looking for that ‘right out of the box’ experience (often phones have been played with prior to the unboxing video):

Slightly blurry, but a great guide to the initial start up

Finally in the trio is Telepolis. No narration here, just a funky soundtrack as he comprehensively guides the viewer through the various menu screens available:

Whetted your appetite enough? There’s more vids from Telepolis showing other aspects of the phone such as the camera and Maps, but I was going for an out of the box vibe here, such as you yourself might experience when you open your Lumia 800 on Christmas morning…

SO what do you think? Let us know by dropping a comment, or firing us your 140 character musings @Nokia_Connects