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January 2, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – up close and personal

In-depth review time now on Nokia Connects. And by in-depth we mean. In. Depth. The phone in question? The Nokia Lumia 800.

Following on from the unboxings featured in an earlier post, a couple of guys are one step further along with their thoughts, and have taken the trouble to share them with their readers. First up, Vaibhav over at The Handheld Blog and his frankly epic effort.

It includes not one, not two, but four (count them) videos (an unboxing, review, video sample and Nokia Drive demo), arty snaps of the device and a lot of Vaibhav’s thoughts and opinions. One of the phrases that jumped out at me:

“It is the first device that will get attention purely because of its looks and draw a user in, letting Mango take it from there. Nokia’s created a top spec Windows Phone in what is my favourite design across all brands and platforms, nothing comes to the premium feel this device projects.”

Kinda says everything that needs to be said, but he doesn’t stop there. Well worth half an hour of anybody’s time who is looking for some info and opinion (in just the right mix) before jumping in and buying for themselves.

The second in-depth post? That’ll be the ‘truly amazing’ review from Aniket. He gives the phone scores out of ten for various aspects (a fine way to rate and organise thoughts, I feel), so without further ado, let’s head in and see what he has to say.

On the hardware (10/10):

“Astonishing Gorilla Glass with Clear Black curved display and an exceptional body makes Lumia 800 perfect in the smartphone category. By far it has the best hardware in the current mobile era.”

On the software (7/10):

“The software fits perfectly on the phone with all the blacks on the OS getting mixed with the shining black glass on top. Typographical layout whole throughout makes the phone more amazing.”

On the phone as a whole (7.5/10):

“[This score makes the Lumia 800 a] very much likable device for all. I will suggest each of my friends to go for it if you like to try something new on something fantastic. It is the best of both worlds, MS & Nokia.”

There’s a whole heap more to read from Aniket, so get involved, peruse his thoughts and let him know what you think.

If you’d prefer another forum for debate, we’re always open to hearing what you think @Nokia_Connects, so drop us a line. Go on, you know you want to!