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January 4, 2012

Nokia Connects #Amazingbackground

Apart from a large Happy New Year from myself, I’m going to share some of the great pictures shared in our first round of the Nokia Connects #amazingbackground story.

Courtesy @brookswealth

So, the story began last year in December (I could say last month but I think this way sounds more dramatic) when we asked you guys to submit some amazing photos we could use for our Twitter background. Taken with a Nokia, the photos had to be something a bit out of the ordinary or spectacular to compete for the bragging rights. This time it was Vauhti who took the top spot with his ace picture of a wintery, bright and somewhat volcanic skyline.

Vauhti’s lava like sky.

We had a fair number of entries considering it was a first time affair, but for our next one we’d like a whole lot more to chose from! *hint hint*

I really like this one from Nhocht, it really paints some cool winter vibes!

To finish we have this wonderful little scene captured by Chris. It’s got water, ice, trees and waterfowl, what more could you ask for?

All very nice photographs I’m sure you’ll agree… but, we want more. In the next week or so we’ll be looking at all of your submissions again, to see who will get their image on our background for a few weeks. Let’s re-cap on how you can submit your photography:

What format should I submit them in? Anything Twitter-friendly. A JPG or PNG is probably best.

What subject should I feature? Anything you like (we’ll choose the best each week), taken on a Nokia.

How will you find it? You’ll have hashtagged it #amazingbackground and tweeted us @Nokia_Connects

There you have it, get going and show us what you have to offer @Nokia_Connects!