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January 13, 2012

NokiaTube: where in the world?

Nokia France have blown NokiaTube out of the water this week! Normally we would focus on two countries in this Nokia YouTube post, but the ‘Amazing Day’ adventure to celebrate the launch of the Lumia 800 in France will dominate today’s proceedings! Let’s see why…..

Imagine answering a mobile phone and winning an amazing day full of self-indulgence and fun. Well for the launch of the Lumia 800 in France people had the opportunity to do just that. You literally had to pick up a call from a Lumia to win a mystery amazing day out!

‘If a simple phone call could change your everyday far would you go to pick it up?’

The competition

The Nokia France community were told to visit a website where there was a virtual Lumia floating on the screen. At some point in the day the phone would ring and the first person to pick it up won the Amazing Day prize! Your webcam automatically switches on if you are the first person to reach the call and then you can effectively talk to your prize! Below is Eric realising he has just won a private concert with the music group Metronomy!

There were seven calls in total, this wasn’t just a one day adventure. Here are some of our favourite Amazing Day prizes and their winners:

The Amazing Day #2

Five minutes to grab as many products as possible from the French electrical store Fnac! Emilie and her boyfriend really filled their boots!

The Amazing Day #3

V.I.P. tickets to a Manchester United football match (travelling in a private jet!)

The Amazing Day #6

How does a private driver for a week sound to you? Samira really made the most of her driver AND THE CARS!!

What would be your most amazing day ever? Let us know below or @Nokia_Connects.