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January 6, 2012

NokiaTube: where in the world?

Welcome to this week’s all singing and all dancing NokiaTube: where in the world?

via traposmusic

The best way to shake off the January blues is to literally get up and shake them off, so I recommend you have a little sing and dance to start 2012 on a high! Slovenia, let the swipe dance commence, later we will check out the band above from Latin America!

Nokia Slovenia – The Swipe Dance

Have you ever won a mobile phone for doing a cool dance? I imagine some of you have won a phone number or two for being king or queen of the dance floor in your time, but one lucky Slovenian out there could be dancing all the way home with a brand new N9 on the Nokia Slovenia YouTube page.

To win you have to upload a video of yourself doing the ‘Swipe dance’ (reminds me of the pocket dance) but what exactly is this Swipe dance I talk of?

Some pretty good moves in there if you ask me and great use of props. If you are not from Slovenia or you just can’t dance (like me) then why don’t you try out the ‘swipe yourself’ tool. You can superimpose your head onto the video above, here is one I made earlier:

Step 1 – Upload an image + add friends if you want

Step 2 – Let the magic happen

Why don’t you make your own version and post it on @Nokia_Connects? As you can see above there are sharing options for Facebook, Twitter or via email. Head here to make your own.

For those Slovenian’s wanting to take part in this competition please head to the official Swipe dance homepage where you will find all the instructions you need. For those of you wanting an English translation of the competition, head to NokiaInnovation and check out Kevin Everett’s post.

Now, you might be wondering when the ‘all singing’ part of today’s NokiaTube comes into play?

Nokia Latin America

We found a bit of rock and roll on the Nokia Latin America YouTube page this week. The band is called Trapos, here they are playing their new single ‘Shalolóm’. But this is a gig with a difference; the whole performance was recorded only using Nokia phones (eight devices in total):

Can any of you play a musical instrument/s? How about filming yourself playing the instrument using a Nokia and post the YouTube link below. So there we have it, Latin America and Slovenia covered this week. So far we have written NokiaTube’s for Poland, Romania, South Africa, Germany, Indonesia, India (twice) and Croatia.