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Nokia voted most trusted

MUMBAI, India – Has a whole year gone already? Yes, it’s twelve months since we reported that Nokia had been found to be India’s most trusted brand. 

So now it’s the time for 2012’s results and we are delighted to discover that the company remains in the number one spot. Tata remains at number two. LG, Samsung and Sony make up the remainder of the top five.

According to the press release from the organisers of the survey, the Trust Research Advisory:

The research is conducted with 2718 ‘influencer’ respondents from 15 cities, generating more than 2 million data-points from 12000 hours of research.

Mr. N. Chandramouli, CEO of Trust Research Advisory,  said, “In life, without trust, there is nothing. Each time a human engages with anything, the basis for all decisions is trust. [….] Focus on building trust and all else will follow automatically”.

image credit: Nomadic Lass