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January 24, 2012

Amazing Everyday Challenge: week #2 winner & week #3 theme!

Could these earphones be yours? Week two of the Amazing Everyday Challenge has now drawn to a close. Big thanks go to everyone who took part. I will release the winner today then give you the theme for week three. There are still two Nokia Purity In-Ear Headsets up for grabs. Here is last week’s winner and more information about the competition.

We are going to cut straight to the chase this week and tell you who has won our Amazing Journey theme for week two. I think it is fair to say that we have given the prize to a keen Nokia photographer; he listened carefully to our original competition blog post and noticed you could enter as many photos to this competition as you wish!

This week’s winner is: Fayiz Musthafa

Fayiz took the photo below with a Nokia N5800 and titled it ‘the beach’.

via fayizdasma

Well done Fayiz you have won a Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset, please message us below or tweet us @Nokia_Connects with the colour you want to receive! We liked all of your photos but this one really caught our attention.

It was really hard to pick a winner amongst some of the best journey stories we have read on Nokia Connects. So to celebrate how amazing some of your entries were we are going to create a separate Nokia travel/journey post featuring all of your great work. For those of you that want to see the other entries please head to our winning post for week one and read all of the comments section. They are excellent entries….

For now though, the time has come to release our new photo and video theme.

Week #3 Amazing Everyday Challenge

On your marks, get set……..this week’s theme is Amazing Hobbies. We want to see all the amazing things you do in your spare time. Are you a sportsman? A master chef? Do you like fishing or are you more of a knitter? Do your children like to play fun games with you at home?

Each week I like to show you an example of what we are looking for. But please remember that I’m not just talking about sport, we want to see any of the hobbies you do to enjoy your leisure time:

So there you have it. Week three officially begins.

All you need to do is post  the links  to your work in either the comments section below or on Twitter at @Nokia_Connects using the Hashtag #NokiaChallenge (we always love hearing about which Nokia handsets you use so please share which Nokia you’ve used to create your masterpiece with). The vote to decide on our overall winner is completely up to our community (yes, that means you!)  but in our weekly challenges we’ll decide who has captured the best Amazing Everyday.

You have until midnight on Monday 30th January (London time) to enter your Amazing Hobbies for this week. Head to Nokia Connects on Tuesday 31st January when I will announce the winner and the final ‘Amazing Everyday’ theme for the following week.