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February 3, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – 'the way it should be'

It’s been a couple of days since I wrote anything here on Nokia Connects about the Nokia Lumia 800, and as ever with one of the latest releases, there’s so much out there to cover that there will always be something fresh for me to have a look at – so I did.

via mister Jonjon

Mister Jonjon says he ‘really like[s]’ the phone, and his review post is liberally sprinkled with photos of everything he’s a fan of (and some things he’s not, but hey, we all have niggles). The post is broken down by Hardware and Design, Software and Conclusion – a well-used and well-liked format – and he is pretty clear in each about what he liked about the Nokia Lumia 800. He gave the design of the phone a 9/10, but reckons there are a few key things missing in order to get the software side above a 7 – including not being able to disable the auto-rotation of the screen. Overall, though, I think he liked it. He took enough photos of it…

Another take on the Lumia 800 comes from self-confessed ‘iPhone fanboy’ Charles Pinker. His views are pretty strident, and he has a lot to say both about the ‘indestructible yet stylish’ design of the phone and the ‘amazingly fluid’ UI. Just some of what he has to say:

‘The menu transitions are so smooth they put the iPhone to shame…Microsoft have done very well to elicit such a response from someone with such high standards!’

‘When I open a contact, I can see their latest tweet (and send them a tweet), and get links to all their social network profiles. This is the way it should be.’

‘a fundamental difference in approach to mobile computing’

He has plenty more to say, go check it out.

Where do your thoughts fall? A fan of the Nokia Lumia 800? Had one in your hands yet (there’s always our trial program if you haven’t)? Let us know @Nokia_Connects, or leave us a comment, or send us a letter…