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February 8, 2012

X is for unboXing

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t get my hands on every Nokia released despite working here at Nokia Connects (most, but not all), so it’s always great to see retail packaging and the contents when people film their unboxings.

via Which Mobile

domasas12 has unboxed the X2-05 to a rocking soundtrack (so there’s no real explanation or reaction to what comes in the box).

It comes to quite an abrupt end, but it’s great to see that box contents don’t really change the world over 🙂

Now an unboxing where everything ends up all laid out neatly on a clean background is my type of unboxing (even though I have had an X7 in my hands), I watched this for its clinical methodology. TelemoveisCom clearly has similar ideas to me about neat-and-tidiness (although you wouldn’t know that from looking at my desk right now)

Have you got an unboxing you’d like to share? Done it in a different way than the standard? I’d love to see them, anything out of the ordinary, so drop me a line @Nokia_Connects and you might see it on these pages soon.