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February 9, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 – a round up

A video review, a written review and a quick look at the quality of the video capabilities on the Nokia Lumia 710 today on Nokia Connects.

via Ubergizmo

Chuong has produced one of the most extensive video reviews of the Lumia 710 that has yet to be featured on these pages. He completes a full unboxing and hardware tour, including comparisons to the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Astound (we all know it has a Gorilla Glass screen, he was just testing to see if we’re paying attention when he talks of the plastic screen. With a ‘modern and robust’ feel, he then walks us through the software and apps on the phone. I’m saying too much, so let me hand over to Chuong…

The opening paragraph of the Nokia Lumia 710 review in the Seattle Times sums up very succinctly what we all knew:

‘It’s a modest device and easy-to-use. And one of the stronger points of the Lumia 710 is the Windows Phone 7 software. Compared with Android, Windows Phone 7 is generally a much more visually appealing and intuitive operating system’

Troy Wolverton reckons the Lumia 710 is ‘an easy-to-use, quick and light smartphone’ not an iPhone killer, but ‘a fast and responsive [phone that] seemed to launch and switch between apps more quickly than many of the dual-core Android devices’. Strong stuff, and it’s clear Troy is a fan. He does highlight the ‘app gap’ and some HTML5 issues, but his overall feelings are very positive. As it’s Monday, this makes me smile.

Finally for today, a quick video sample of the HD quality of the Nokia Lumia 710’s 5MP camera from a slightly overcast and recently rained on Netherlands.

So what do you think of the Nokia Lumia 710? Would you choose it over the Nokia Lumia 800? Or a competitor? Concentrate your thoughts into 140 characters and send them to us @Nokia_Connects. Or if you have something more to say, leave us a comment.