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February 10, 2012

Twitter Tweekly #3: 5 Twitter highlights of the week

It’s Friday and #3 is the magic number! On Twitter Tweekly today I will be featuring some chilled out music, a company with wood in their eyes and a guy who could soon be falling to Earth with a sonic boom! It’s a video heavy TT this week on Nokia Connects so pour yourself a cold one (water) and enjoy the other stuff I didn’t tell you about above.

via Red Bull Stratos

1. I’m excited to tell you about a Red Bull Stratos project that will blow your space socks off this year. An Austrian daredevil by the name of Felix Baumgartner is attempting to break four records from the edge of space, records that have laid unchallenged for over half a century.

They are:

– The highest manned balloon flight (36,000 metres)

– The first person to hit supersonic speed while in freefall (approximately 700 mph!!!)

– The longest ever freefall

– Freefall from the highest ever altitude

Wow. Talk about record breaking, this guy has the opportunity to smash four records in one attempt. This is going to be a very dangerous mission for Felix, he has lost many friends to base jumping but personally admits that this task could be his last. Here is someone willing to die for the sake of advancing medical science, he will ultimately be testing the human body like it has never been tested before.

Learn about the launch, ascent, the jump, stratosphere, re-entry and landing in fancy pictures, or just watch the video below (I highly recommend the video). Felix has brought a very special former record breaker along for the ride…

via Red Bull

I wish you the best of luck Felix! We will be following his every move on Nokia Connects so stay tuned. This whole story was spotted on Red Bull’s Twitter feed.

2. I went back to the guys who keep their finger firmly on the pulse this week. Trendhunter have compiled an awesome video that summarises the ‘Top 20 Trends in 2012‘. Think virtual fashion, techadence (loving this name) and invisible design! It all seems very cool if you ask me, but how much of it will genuinely take off in 2012? Let me know below or @Nokia_Connects.

via trendhuntertv

3. I found this interesting look at global education nestled within an impressive ‘11 Coolest Links of the Week‘ at Environmental Graffiti. The blog post entitled ‘10 Most Surprisingly Well Educated Developing Countries‘ does exactly what it says on the tin. I was astonished to find out about educational systems in developing countries and it doubles up as a cool lesson in global geography. I recommend you take some time out to take it all in, very humbling stuff.

4. Here is one way to look cool and sell cool while you walk around your company HQ. After last week’s turf flip flops I went on the hunt for some more back-to-the-roots start ups. Proof Eyewear are a company that sell sustainable wooden sunglasses…and they are pretty damn stylish, don’t go thinking this is the clog equivalent of leather shoes!

‘Proof wood eyewear makes the finest quality hand-made sustainable wood eyewear in the world. Proof offers sunglasses and eyewear that are customizable from the different wood types and lens options. With the slogan of LOOK GOOD. DO GOOD.

The company do a lot to help people outside of the organisation. Proof founder Brooks Dame takes some time out in the woods to explain more about his wooden specs venture.


via iwantproof

5. Here is a band from the UK who have apparently produced “the most relaxing song” of all time. The track is called ‘Weightless’ and scientists say the song by Marconi Union is so relaxing that it is dangerous to listen to whilst driving. I caught this whale song wannabe on the NME feed and I must admit it’s pretty chilled out. In fact I’m starting to feel like a few zzzzzzz myself, catch uuuu nxt weekkkk…only joking.


If you liked that, then you might like this, or even this. Got any cool stuff to tell me about? I’m all ears, well technically im not made of ears, I’ve only got two ears…you get the drift. GET IN TOUCH!