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February 13, 2012

The Nokia Connects Cab! Catch a free ride @ Social Media Week London

The best things in life are free! That’s why we want you to celebrate Social Media Week in London by hailing down or tweeting us for a free ride in the Nokia Connects cab. 

We have released a Lumia 800 Amazing Everyday Nokia Connects cab onto the streets of London for our community to take a free trip! Social Media Week 2012 is now in full swing. So for the whole week we will have a dedicated London taxi waiting to take you from one London SMW event to the other.

The cab will be loitering around central London, so if you would like a free ride this is what you have to do:

– Tweet @Nokia_Connects with #SMWLDN #NokiaConnects, tell us who you are and where you are going and we will pick you up! It really is as simple as that.


– Alternatively if you see the taxi then hail it down, tweet us to say you are in the cab and let us know which event you are headed to.

Who knows, there might be a few surprises waiting for you in the cab. Take a few photos or film your trip if you get the chance and send it into us @Nokia_Connects.

You heard it here first….