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February 14, 2012

Could you live on social media alone?

As Part of Social Media Week 2012, Nokia is sponsoring a very special social experiment that spans cities, cultures and cyberspace…

via eldh

Can Man Live on Social Media Alone? is sending two intrepid travellers halfway across the world in order to see if they can get by for a week in a foreign city relying only on a smartphone, social media, and the goodwill of complete strangers.

Equipped with nothing but a Nokia Lumia 800, the clothes on their back and their own initiative, Singaporean Daphne and Londoner Martin will be swapping cities from 9-15 February 2012 and attempt to get by in a strange land.

They are only allowed to pack ten items in their ‘survival kit’. Everything else must be organised through Twitter, Facebook and other social networking channels.

As well as having to find food, lodging and shelter on a day-to-day basis, Daphne and Martin will also be given charitable tasks to complete every day that they will be notified of via their Facebook walls. The tasks are intended to raise awareness of specific causes in their respective cities.

At the end of the week, both travellers will be making an appearance at Social Media Week in their host cities in order to talk about and share their experiences.

“I’m the kind of guy who is the happiest in the world when on a “crisis” situation, when you don’t have the time to rely on your daily comfort, and have to trust your instincts and the quick understanding of a situation to make the best of it” says Martin.

Well, he’s going to have to be!

Keep tabs on what Daphne and Martin are up to by following them on Twitter: @deafknee and @SMWLoveMessengr. For updates on Social Media Week around the world, use the hastag #SMW12. If you’re on the ground in Social Media Week, we want to know! Tell us what you’re up to @Nokia_Connects.