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February 17, 2012

Nokia N8 'can win your heart'

Here on Nokia Connects, we are hardly surprised that the Nokia N8 has been impressing reviewers across the board with its smooth-running software, sleek appearance, and high-quality camera. This is what people have been saying about it…

via John.Karakatsanis  

edwardcbearhas written an extensive post reviewing the image quality of the Nokia N8 in comparison to other cameraphones. As well as being impressed by the fact “the N8 clearly exhibits the most dynamic range and accurate colour”, he is also pleased with the fact it has “the widest field of view” to the other cameraphones tested. All this leads him to conclude that:

“I believe it is fairly safe to say that the Nokia N8 is still the king of image quality when compared to today’s best smartphones based on its superior dynamic range, low noise, and accurate color – not to mention higher resolution.”

He also puts the camera through its paces by showing us some “Nokia N8 Astronomy”: a video of the moon taken with a Nokia N8 through a telescope. Now that’s attention to detail!

sushmatariyal reckons that the “Nokia N8 Blue can win your heart with its eminent beauty and nonpareil offerings,” and is especially pleased with the “spellbinding design” and “great innovation” of the casing.

“Nokia N8 Blue delivers fantastic Internet connectivity options (GPRS, 3G HSDPA & HSUPA, Wi-Fi and EDGE), document viewer (Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint) and accessibility to complicated web contents (xHTML and HTML) and RSS feeds.”

While Techradar are equally pleased with the hardware, saying that “it really is scratch proof”

“Nokia has pushed the boat out too with the new N8, offering a full metal chassis with anodised scratch-proof paint to give the phone a really high end feel. It really is scratch-proof – rubbing keys on it produced no ill-effects.”

Finally, OnlyTechNews offer a retrospective review in which they posit that “the Nokia N8 led the way for new smartphones”.

The power of the N8 regularly ‘wows’ us, especially when it’s in the right pair of hands, we’re always keen to see your photography, so get snapping and share some photos with us on Twitter @Nokia_Connects or in the comments section.If you use the #Amazingbackground  tag too, your picture may end up as our Twitter background for a week.