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February 18, 2012

Future Tech: Concept design

The very name of this Future Tech series conjures up images of robots and flying cars. That got us at Nokia Connects thinking. While we like the thought of the aforementioned, we thought we’d have reality check and let you guys com up with a concept phone that takes all that is awesome in the world of tech, and squeezes it into one amazing ball of cool.

***I must stress at this point that this is simply a result of our musings and in no way an indication of any future Nokia phone in development or otherwise. It will not be released in any form.***

You’ve probably all seen the My Dream Nokia ideas that Jay has been posting, and we wanted to see if we could collectively come up with a concept phone (only a concept). We wanted to make it a collaborative effort – one that you could all have your say in.

We thought we’d make a start to give you something to either agree with, or blow out of the water with your ideas. So the below is only the beginning, the future of this Nokia Connects concept lies in your hands.

The first stage of the process was deciding what we’d like to see in our future Nokia, and we came up with the Nokia Connector:

Transparent 3D screen
Following up on a previous Future Tech post, I thought the idea of having a clear screen (maybe even one that changes depending on the weather) is something that I personally would like to see in my Nokia in a few years’ time.

We’ve all seen the Nokia Kinetic video and pictures and the Nokia HumanForm project. Picking up on this, I think a form factor that isn’t rigid would bring so much more to a phone than is currently possible.

No buttons
Everything is going to be gesture controlled in the future. What purpose do physical buttons serve?

3D projector built in
The technology exists, it’s just a question of nano-ising it until it fits in the phone. Simple 🙂

Runs Windows OS
Imagine that transparent screen running a version of Windows Mobile that has been tweaked and nudged in the years between now and this concept coming out.

Geographically self-aware
This is to tie in to apps like putting the kettle on when you’re 5 minutes away from home, waking you up when you’re asleep on the bus (if buses even exist when this concept is released). If your phone is thinking for itself as far as this goes, what else could it be capable of?

Think you could do better? Now it’s your chance to have your say, leave us a comment with your idea for a tweak to our design, or a completely fresh concept of your own. We’ll select what we consider to be the best/most innovative and in true Nokia Connects fashion put the top few out for everyone to have their say.