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February 20, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #7

Monday – the first day of most people’s weeks – take a deep breath and check this out before you really start it with a bang! There is always lots to read on Nokia Connects but this morning I want you to relax, sit back and watch this video-heavy #MakeMeSmileMonday.

via the Huffington Post (via Foodbeast)

A periodic table made of cupcakes? Pretty awesome. Pretty pretty too. And pretty clever. Jolly well done to Rachel Howden, who managed to coordinate frosting and groupings of elements, all the time warding off the temptation just to scoff them down.

Still, not as good as the Social Media Week #NokiaConnects cupcakes that found new homes in San Francisco this week 🙂


So…this happened (and went a little bit ‘viral’ in the last week since I first found it):

Extreme? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Did it make me smile? Yes.


Seven Nations Army has one of the most recognisable openings in all of recent popular music history. Dum dum-dum dum dum dummm dummmmmmmm. Really great hook when played on conventional instruments. Even better when played using the equipment lying around a science lab.

This is one video that made me smile. Yes it’s not perfect, but look at what they’re using!!


Free coffee? Yes please! Having the tables, chairs and music controlled by someone just like me sitting at home? Erm….

The coffee shop is in Helsinki, and ties in with the Finnish capital’s title as World Design Capital 2012. How do you fancy playing with the lights, the tunes and the chairs? Go have a try…make yourself smile.


Quick Grins

In more coffee shop news, a certain global chain has installed their first not walk-in, not drive-through, but **ski-through** branch on the slopes.

The streets of Buenos Aries. Rollercoasters. Combined.

Thanks to Tim in last week’s comments for this video from Social Media Week. Made me smile.

Think you’d got away without any Rebel Alliance vs. the Empire updates? Oh dear, you didn’t think I’d forget did you? 🙂 Well I didn’t, and here’s an awesome list of gadgets that might soon be adorning my desk.


And finally, the ‘section with no links’ – stories and observations that have made you smile this week.

Catherine White – ‘I smiled today when my grand daughter bought two single roses for her parents for Valentines Day. She always makes me smile, but that touched me deeply.’

Kim Clune – ‘I smiled when I woke this morning with a full night’s worth of sleep, my cat not jumping on my head at 3 am, climbing the television, dumping the water glass from the nightstand, or chewing on my wicker basket.’

Mary Haight – ‘My dog makes me smile when he brings one of his squeaky toys to the desk and squeaks squeaks squeaks showing me how much better life would be if I just played with him and that very fine and wondrous toy.’


So what’s made you smile this week? Leave us a comment or let us know @Nokia_Connects using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag.