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February 16, 2012

Social Media Week 2012 Day #3: London, Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco

Time for our third instalment from Social Media Week. Yesterday I brought you our first podcast from #SMWLDN and lots of cool activity from #SMWNY. Today the second podcast is available and I have a mega mix of SMW news from all over the world to tell you about. Including some magic videos hot off the press! 

London – #SMWLDN

Let’s delve straight into the most recent podcast from #SMWLDN. Today Nokia Connects Live explores who is winning in the battle of the social networks, we talk to some of London’s best bloggers about how blogging has changed their lives, the team find out how parents and kids are spending their time online, plus we catch up with Daphne; the social media ‘guinea pig’ from the ‘Can Man Live On Social Media Alone’ project. Plug in, press play, relax and enjoy!

via Nokia Connects SOUNDCLOUD

Here is some more news from Londres today. We have ‘The Nokia Gift Machine’ ready and waiting for you @ Nokia Lumia House in Soho, check-in on Foursquare at the machine and you could win a Lumia 800. Everyone is a winner because it’s a gift machine and you WILL receive a gift of some kind! The machine will be in operation for the rest of the week….

New York – #SMWNY

Yesterday I told you about a secret room filled with mobile magic that we built at the opening night of #SMWNY. Granted, I showed you a few pictures of the event in the post, but sometimes I don’t think images tell you the full story, so that’s why I’ve released an exclusive set of videos that show off some of our favourite mobile magic tricks from the night.

That was just trick #1, we’ve also uploaded trick #2 and trick #3 for your viewing pleasure. Which is your favourite? Let me know @Nokia_Connects.

SanFrancisco – #SMWSF

We brought you a Nokia Connects update from San Fran on Tuesday but I thought I would check back in with Tom.H to see how the team was doing. He didn’t have much time to talk because apparently it was ‘cupcake o’clock’ when I called. I was naturally intrigued to find out more.

There are two cupcake related Random Acts of Kindness to tell you about. First up is Jenniffurr, she tweeted about missing out on some cupcake love in her office… we served her s-tweet tooth a little treat!

The second cupcake related Random Act of Kindness in San Fran was for chuckdafonk, he was starting a new job so we thought what better way to get some respect from his new colleagues? Cupcakes of course…we all love free sweet based goods.

Hong Kong – #SMWHK

Tim.Y from Nokia Connects has been working away in Hong Kong this week, I dropped in to chat with him yesterday about the expected trends for Social Media in 2012. He had this to say after speaking with some experts at #SMWHK, I would love to know if you agree in the comments section below:

Social Networks are starting to fragment

  • ‘Facebook is a good entry drug for Social Media’ – but more specific topic interests will grow
  •  Individual Social Networks (specific to a particular sport or hobby rather than mass) will emerge

*Examples of this are Instagram (photography) & Food Candy (food)

Social Business comes to the fore

  • Humanisation of business, connecting 1-2-1
  • Movement away from treating Social Media like a ‘toy’, it’s less about which networks are winning and more about how                       government and business are connecting people’s problems and solving them on a global level

Ascendency of visual sharing

  • First time image capture is taking centre stage, more than just wordpress. Creating an aesthetic elite.

*Instagram and Tumblr – convenient and easy to use

  • Pinterest

*Unlike FB, on Pinterest there’s no pressure to impress people with your wall posts

Some interesting insight there from #SMWHK, I hope you liked some of the activity I covered today. Has anything caught your eye at #SMW12? Then please do let me know in 140 characters @Nokia_Connects