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February 20, 2012

Nokia Luna – 'out of this world'

Here at Nokia Connects, we love it when someone describes the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset in the first sentence of a review as a ‘magnificent piece of art’ and ‘out of this world’ – setting the stage for what follows – so does Izzi’s review live up to it?

Well we have to say, yes, it does. It’s clear he’s a fan of the headset, the colour choice, the design…pretty much everything about it. If this was Monday, it would be making me smile.

As ever on these pages, we don’t need any excuse to bring you an unboxing video, so….here it is:

As far as usability goes, Izzi goes on to explain how far he managed to get from his phone (with and without walls in the way) and how he went for a jog wearing the Luna. There’s even a gallery!

Have you tried the Nokia Luna headset? What do you think? If you’ve got any questions for Izzi, let us know in the comments, drop us a line @Nokia_Connects or head over to his page and share your thoughts there.